Soaker Hoses

It’s probably poor form to complain that it won’t stop raining long enough to set up your soaker hoses but really, it’s about time we put the rain barrel project on the completed list.IMG_4516

The plan was to hook up the hoses to the rain barrels and then use the faucet as a last resort. We haven’t received our second rain barrel yet but our thought was that one barrel could hold enough water to cover one side of the front stairs, at least until high drought season.IMG_4517

It’s quite a puzzle to arrange the hoses, especially since we tried very hard not to plant everything in a straight line. I finally left it up to Jonathan to find the shortest route to each plant with some long buried skill he honed from years of Tertris. He staked them down and if he has one piece of advice, it’s that you need to buy a lot more landscaping pins than you think.


Our plants seem happy and we’re starting to get a few blooms. Our second rain barrel arrives at the end of the month but I have a sneaking¬†suspicion¬†that even after all the rain we had this spring, we may be done with rain for a few, hot months.

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