Summer Vacation

We just returned from a week-long trip to the Portland/Vancouver area and we’re looking back over some of our more memorable meals.

Vancouver’s Torque Coffee served up great breakfasts. This is their corn muffin (with a slice of chocolate cake in the background) but I was a big fan of their figgy buckwheat scones. Also, box of free figs on the counter.


Stumptown Coffee in Portland offers dog treats along with their espresso.


Voodoo Donuts was a required stop. Jonathan got the maple bacon while I had the Mexican Hot Chocolate (dusted with chili pepper). My dad had the Boston Cream Pie and my mom went with classic chocolate on chocolate. No idea how we ended up with that fifth donut but it didn’t last very long.


In case you think all we did was hit the coffee shops, here’s a guy at the farmers market making us triple threat fajitas.

Triple Threat FajitasTriple threat fajitas.

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