A gift from a friend

Brian: Would you like a free, hand-crafted, Morris chair? Me: Is that a trick question? Brian: Ready for pick-up ASAP.

Electrician's Helper

Electric New Year

It was nice while it lasted but our break is over and it’s time to start back up on the house. We …

Living Room After

Living Room After

While the bedrooms came together fairly quickly (thank goodness we both had queen-sized beds), the living room posed more of a problem. …


Mid Century Modern?

I’ve lived in any number of funky old houses so I’ve gotten pretty good about knowing which pieces of furniture will go …

Paint Chips

Painting the Living Room

“Let’s paint the living room yellow!” Here I was, thinking that painting a bedroom gray was a big step and Jonathan is …

Living Room Before

Living Room Before

We really can’t figure out how the previous owner fit this sectional in our tiny living room. But that’s not the most …