The Garden Shed

Jonathan put the final touches on the garden shed over the weekend. I painted the new plywood wall and he installed new shelves and hung all our garden tools. The shed has electricity so we have light there in the evening and a battery charger for lawn tools. Pesticides on the top shelf, seeds and potting soil in buckets on the bottom–and plenty of room to get the garden cart and wheelbarrow out of the rain.

We had tools and garden equipment scattered all over–the old shed, the screened porch, the basement, and the garage–so it’s not only nice to have it all in one place, I’m honestly surprised at how many tools we actually have.

Next spring we’ll seed the ground in front of it and replant the Mexican Sage along the back of the porch which served as a great rain block for the bikes. With the expanded roof and gutter, it also makes sense to install a rain barrel at the corner of the porch.

All told, this not-a-project really turned out nicely.

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