Tuck Pointing Trauma

It’s been a busy summer and while we’ve worked on some projects, we’ve really spent the bulk of our DIY time fixing up Jonathan’s new Apple shop downtown.

One house project we thought should not take a back seat was the brick columns on the front porch. The mortar was so old, we could see right through to the other side. We can handle most projects but tuck pointing isn’t one of them. We hired someone with a lot of talent but maybe not when it comes to color.

He let us know that he’d use the same color mortar that was used originally and while that sounded good (the mortar looked pretty gray to us), the end result was not what we expected. Although he told us that the black would eventually fade, I was not interested in waiting.

IMG_9150He patiently ground out the black mortar for us (fortunately, he had only done one side) and redid it using regular cement.

tuckpointWhen he was done, it looked much better. We cleaned up the porch, I touched up the paint job on our new front steps, and we were good to go.


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