Walkways and Patio

When we first toured the house two years ago, we knew one of our big projects would be redoing both the front walk and the back patio. The brick does match the porch columns but that’s probably the best thing we could say about it. It’s just a poorly made walkway. It’s too narrow, the mortar has crumbled, and the stairs leading down to the sidewalk are all at different heights, making it an awkward entry.

Apparently, the previous owner attempted a quick fix on the front steps when the house went on the market to make sure prospective owners wouldn’t trip on the way in. Even so, it’s still a fairly wobbly way to get to the front door.

IMG_6466When we first moved in, I attempted to weed the clumps of crabgrass sprouting between the bricks, until I realized that’s what was holding the entire walkway together.


The back patio is much worse. It’s a hodgepodge of materials—concrete, bricks, little pebbles—none of it fitting together well. Each section seems to have been done independently, almost as if each owner added their own little piece when they moved in.


In addition, it’s all designed to channel water to the lowest point, right under the brick step. Not only do we step directly into a small lake every time it rains, it serves as a excellent way to collect water and channel it directly into our basement.


We’re pretty much DIYers but occasionally, we see the need to bring in a pro. Like with our reshingling project, we found a friend who makes his living fixing horrible patios. He gave us a call the other night and said he had a few days free and it would be done before our annual Cinco de Mayo party!

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