We Really Aren’t Redoing the Kitchen

We recently had to replace our oven and we were thrilled with the GE Artistry series. Since nothing else was actually broken, our plan was to replace the other appliances slowly. That changed the day we walked into Home Depot to pick up a couple cans of black spray paint to freshen up our patio table and left with a new refrigerator and dishwasher.

The first thing we noticed was that the set was on sale. Then we learned that GE was discontinuing the series (or, as we suspect, they are discontinuing it in anticipation of the second generation). Regardless, we ended up with two new appliances

IMG_7339The dishwasher is pretty low profile but matches nicely. Even better, it’s super quiet. Doing dishes in the past was painful—we were constantly yelling over the noise. After running it the first time, we wondered why we waited so long.

The refrigerator has a freezer on the bottom—the most appropriate place for it. I could never understand why the freezer on most other fridges is the easiest to access. Now, all my produce is at eye level and I no longer overlook my fruits and veggies.IMG_7358My favorite part is the vintage logo.

We’re still not redoing the kitchen but somewhere along the way, we ended up with a new one.


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