We’re cooking with gas.

So, I think it’s safe to say that neither of us realized the oven door was all glass. Also, who knew replacing the door was easily half the cost of a completely new stove?
photo 1Meet our new stove.

IMG_0503We actually love the the GE Artistry Series. With a few vintage touches—like a white enamel finish and a real clock—it’s a very affordable alternative to a rehabbed original. (Although, I would love to have my grandmother’s old stove with the bread warmer on the side.) Someday we may take a closer look at the matching fridge with the freezer in its proper place—the bottom.

In preparation for the installation, Jonathan redid all the gas lines in the basement as well as the connector into the stove. Not to say the old ones weren’t safe, but we couldn’t imagine them actually passing an inspection.

Jonathan sliding the oven into place so he could make his morning coffee.



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