We’re Painting the House

We want to paint our house.  We’re hoping to make things a bit more historically accurate. To start we plan on removing the unmatched, cheap vinyl siding in the gables and putting in wooden shingles.  Once that’s done, we plan to paint it. Something other than the pistachio green on the body of the house. Something more traditional of a craftsman style home from the early thirties.

So we’re asking for help.  Through the brilliant Photoshop skills of our friend Gaige, we were able to mock up some color schemes we’re thinking about and we want you help us decide…

Here’s the choices:

Option A:

Option A

Option B:

Option B

Option C:

Option C



This post originally appeared on Jonathan’s own blog and he gave everyone the option to vote for their favorite. Our efforts at crowdsourcing paint colors yielded some interesting results, not the least of which was that people were getting into heated debates over which option was the best. (I never realized that  gray v. taupe could generate such intense feelings.)

You should know that Jonathan’s choice was B and mine was A (we realized fairly quickly that  Options A and C, although different brands of paint, were actually the same shade.) The results? A tie right down the middle between A and B.

The one thing we both agreed on was that we loved the fourth option given to us by our artist friend, Mike Sleadd:

Sleadd House

After all that though, Jonathan and I realized we weren’t perfectly happy with any of the options. Although we’re aiming for something historically accurate, I had several family members lobbying hard for something a little more colorful and looking over these mock ups, I can see what they mean. It looks like we’ll be heading back to the drawing board on this one.

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