Work Bench, Table, 90 Degrees, Part 2.

I’m horrible about writing in here, but I figured it’s about time I wrapped up Work Bench, Table, 90 Degrees, Part 1.

So I have a pile of new lumber, a pile of used lumber, and two projects to complete:

  1. A work bench for downstairs
  2. A table for my office.

I started with the table for my office. I had some cheap folding tables in my office. I liked them because we could fold them up and get them out of the way. The problem? They were super cheap and looked super cheap. It was fine for the staff, but not great for clients. Finally, one of them broke and collapsed (thankfully with just staff around).

I started looking around for tables from furniture stores. I remembered why I had cheap tables there in the first place, office furniture is a racket. I quickly decided I was going to build one. That’s when Carrie pulled out her analog pintrest (pages torn out of magazines and put into file folders) and showed me a page from years before.

Office TableEasy enough. I had the plywood cut to size at Home Depot. Then setup a little shop in the back yard to frame it out and attach the legs. It was pretty easy, just frame the plywood in 2x2s and attach blocks for the legs.


While it’s hard to imagine now, this is where the 90 degrees comes in.  It was late June and it was probably the hottest weekend of the year. So hot in fact the dog was unwilling to come and hang out with me. He would just poke his head out his door every so often to check on me.


At this point, I was still planning on having the table wrapped in aluminum so I built it as described; framing the plywood in 2x2s. I ended up not doing that because I liked the natural look and it was pretty pricey for a covering of that size. If I were to do it again, I would probably build the table to better match the other counters in my office.


Here’s the table with a couple coats of polyurethane.


If I were to do it again, I would probably finish the edges like this.


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