Work Bench, Table, 90 Degrees, Part 3.

The epic conclusion of  Work Bench, Table, 90 Degrees, Part 1 & Work Bench, Table, 90 Degrees, Part 2.

With the lumber ready and the table finished and loaded into the car, it was time to work on a space for me to work.

First, I was excited to be indoors and I built it pretty much as I had built my lofts. I really didn’t take many photos of the building. The top is 3/4″ MDF. I had 16″ rip cut off it at Home Depot giving me a top and shelf. I had to buy three 2x4s for the 90″ boards, but everything else is 2x4s from the scrap lumber from the previous bench or the old lofts.


So the only difference between the plans and what I did was to respond to our uneven floor in the basement.  I built the frame for the top, putting in a couple corner supports to keep it square, built the back legs, then used scrap lumber and clamps to level it and measure for the front legs. Put in the leg cross supports. I put a 16″ shelf on the bottom and 12″ shelf on the top. Attached 2x4s vertically to the back for the peg board mount then secured the top to the frame.

Here’s the cleanest it has ever been and ever will be:


Plenty of space below for storage.IMG_4530Here’s a more detailed outline of the features.

Since I built this work bench, I have added another. My grandfather gave me a drill press and table top sander.


I have also made some improvements to the original work bench. IMG_3780


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