You’re in charge of that…

So there are a few things we have done in the house that I cannot live without, very simple things that make life easier than we could have ever imagined. One of those things is the dog door.

No Peeking

Wyatt has been remarkably easy to train. He knows his name, how to sit, come, and even knew he was supposed to go outside to potty. The problem: our schedule. There is simply no predicting it. It changes every week, sometimes multiple times per day. Making sure that we got home to let him out was always the issue. Even when working Roots ‘n’ Blues and having family come and let him out, I was still coming home at 2 am to clean up messes.

Enter the dog door.  It only took about 30 minutes to install. I added some caulk and some paint and ta da. Wyatt is now in charge of letting himself out to go potty.

Training was pretty easy, he caught on in just a couple of minutes. It took a week or two for him to let himself out in the morning without us opening the door for him, but throughout the day he’s fine and there have been no more messes.

He does spend a lot of time trying to drag things through his little door though.

Dog Door

The door has a cover so we can close him in or out as necessary. But for the most part, it’s his access to hole digging and squirrel chasing and has made our lives so much easier.

Grey Door


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